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Miss B’s Tuckshop is our version of a hole-in-the-wall, urban cafeteria. “tuckshop” was coined from the commonwealth term meaning “canteen”. The restaurant wishes to strip every guest off all frills from their usual dining experience and bring back the ease of eating classic ‘junk food” (without the gunk!). Our goal is to preserve the simplicity of real flavors while not having to hold back on the playful side of food and the overall dining experience. Our back- to-basics approach to food comes from our deepest desire to bring back quality in junk food per se. Miss B’s daily challenge is to produce honest fast food which people can identify with wherein satisfaction is always above and beyond paid value. Anyone is welcome to come as you are and tuck in!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Promotions that Ended

Recently Concluded Promotions and events
Valentine’s Day – Burger four play
Petit Burgers selection including, Buffalo chicken Burger, Miss B’s Beef Burger, Wasabi mayonnaise Shrimp Burger, Mini pork and quail egg Scotch burger.
PHP 240

New items 2 March 2011
We have replaced our apple crumble with coco-litchi pie; this is a virgin version of the famous lychee martini cocktail. Portion sizing is great for sharing.
PHP 220

March 11, 2011 – Pulled pork and coleslaw All-u-can
All you can eat pulled pork burger to celebrate our new menu item launch, simple rules govern this all-you-can eat event, the diners plate would be refresh once they have completed the last burger.
How many did people actually eat? For most they stopped at the second, while the biggest eater was almost 4 whole burgers.


  1. Muraito drew up the proposed value for your meal, on offer is 1 burger, unlimited sidings of Cajun or sv chips, a ice tea or coke reg or sml or pale beers. Discounted milkshakes. Muraito adviced you to contact them via email regarding this matter, they would be happy to assist you regarding this matter