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Miss B’s Tuckshop is our version of a hole-in-the-wall, urban cafeteria. “tuckshop” was coined from the commonwealth term meaning “canteen”. The restaurant wishes to strip every guest off all frills from their usual dining experience and bring back the ease of eating classic ‘junk food” (without the gunk!). Our goal is to preserve the simplicity of real flavors while not having to hold back on the playful side of food and the overall dining experience. Our back- to-basics approach to food comes from our deepest desire to bring back quality in junk food per se. Miss B’s daily challenge is to produce honest fast food which people can identify with wherein satisfaction is always above and beyond paid value. Anyone is welcome to come as you are and tuck in!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burgers are not Cakes!

Over the recent years, food as a basic necessity has taken a more pivotal role. We, the consumers are slowly changing into people that live to eat. The usage of what nature has been providing is now being utilized in a more deliberate and conscientious way.  .
In the case of the burger craze that has been stirring up for decades, we often wonder maybe an additional patty or an extra blob of cheese and bacon can help heighten the ultimate burger experience for the inner junkie in us. When will the time come when the humble hamburger is again able to stand up on its own (without the frills) and re-claim its throne as the king of comfort foods?
How can we satisfy this savage nature of ours, when purveyors of this generation are starting to inject bread crumbs, flour, eggs and other binding agents to bulk up the patties of their so called burger? We, the consumers are paying hard earned money for a meat cake - a mock of the original hamburger we once knew and loved.
Here at Miss B’s tuck-shop, we take into account the most important aspect of your dining and formulated a simple equation, similar to what our forefathers and great grandmothers believed to be most valuable – real ingredients + real kitchen technique = REAL FOOD. We went back ol’ skool, and relooked into the past when burgers first started and decided to reintroduce it; with a twist. We make our burgers without any fillers or marinades, they are hand molded daily, to ensure freshness and at the same time showcase what local beef is all about. Our burger selection includes: Beef burger with short ribs, Buffalo Chicken burger, Crispy Pork Confit burger, Pulled Pork burger.
We are constantly challenging the areas of satisfaction, by selecting grass fed cattle for our beef.  It is true that Wagyu and Black Angus offer a richer flavor; its meat also has more marbling and thus more fat. Grass fed cattle, fatten naturally and keep the genuine robust beefy flavor intact.
All corn fattened beef are imported and wet aged in their vacuum pack, whereas our beef is local and fresh from the slaughter house, and aged in a controlled environment for 3 days before serving, this is done to further enhance the richness in its flavor. Red meat is always seen as a healthy choice of meat, providing some of the necessary nutrients which chicken and pork cannot offer.

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